Looking forward to Spring 2024!

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We wish you all Happy and Healthy New Year!
The weather conditions here in Mid-Coast Maine have been quite mild as of late. Will we experience another early ice-out this spring? Who knows? But things certainly appear ripe for it!
We will be ready to hit the water again this year as soon as we can. That means early season Landlocked Salmon trolling, followed by bass fishing the shallows on our local lakes and rivers.
I get asked this question by clients many times every year; “when is the very best time of year to come up and fish with you?” The answer is always, “In the Spring!” Now, this answer requires a bit of clarification. Fishing in Maine, especially bass fishing, is great all season long. We catch fish from March to November on a very consistent basis, But, if you want to have a chance at the greatest success for both Bass and Salmon, come fish with us in the Spring.
For bass fishing, I divide the Spring into three different periods: Pre-spawn, Spawn, and Post-spawn. The common theme among them is that bass are relatively shallow during all three periods. We have learned that bass tend to be predictable, and are easily caught during all those periods. I make the necessary samll adjustments to locate fish depending upon the spring period.
Here in Maine, “Spring” occurs later than many other parts of the country. So the heart of our spring bass fishing season is typically mid-May to late June. Again, most bass will be found living very shallow in crystal clear water during this time. Our anglers pluck literally hundreds of Smallmouth and Largemouth from the shallows during the spawn, offering some of the most exciting sight fishing experiences imaginable! Rest assured, those fish, once caught, are immediately released to return to their annual spawning ritual, as we adhere to a strict “catch and release” bass fishing policy.
Salmon fishing is at its pinnacle during the spring as well. Albeit, a bit earlier during the spring. Live bait trolling for these prized fish has proven to be our most successful technique to date. You may need to join us very early in the morning for one of these trips, but the reward of bagging a Maine Salmon or Trout is worth all that lost sleep! The salmon dinner you’ll create later that day will be an added bonus!
Please don’t be discouraged if you cannot make it to Maine this spring. Like I said, we regularly catch fish all season long with great success. Summer weather in Maine is as good as it gets for both anglers and fishing. Fall is also a great time to be on the water. Anglers enjoy the vibrant colors, crisp air, and good fishing as Bass and Salmon fatten up for a long Maine winter.
Truly, the best time to be out fishing is whenever you can get out there!
We look forward to seeing old friends and making some new friends on the water again this season. Until then, we will be busy prepping the boat, relining reels, ordering new tackle, and performing all the other off-season chores in anticipation of another early ice-out…Hopefully!

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