Spring Bass!

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maine smallmouth bass

Springtime Bass fishing is coming soon!

Although the water is hard this time of year in Maine, we will likely be back on the water in a couple of months searching for Spring Bass.  Springtime in Maine is a really magical time of year for the outdoorsman.  Trout and Landlocked Salmon are active and can be taken shallow in the cold water of early spring.  Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass come out of their winter haunts to move shallow as the water warms.  They feed heavily before settling in to their Spring spawning routines.  Spring Gobblers hammer during the early morning hours and the woods and waters just seem to come alive after the long, cold Maine winter.

Many of our clients enjoy fishing with us during the summer months.  We catch lots of fish during that time of year.  However, nothing beats catching Bass in the Spring when they are shallow and vulnerable.  We regularly catch many, many 2-4 pound Smallmouth during their annual bedding ritual.  We bag many Largemouth Bass as well by employing similar shallow water tactics, however, the fish are generally much heavier than their Smallmouth cousins.  It is such a blast to sight-fish for Bass and it sometimes feels as if you are hunting as we prowl the shallows in search of prespawn and bedding fish.  Know that we are a conservation minded organization and strictly practice catch and release during this time of year.

This Spring, consider getting out on the water when the air is still crisp and the trees are just budding to find some of the best angling opportunities Maine has to offer.  You may need to throw an extra layer or two of clothing on but trust me, you will not regret the experience.

Please do not hesitate to call or email if you wish to discuss what we can do for you this coming Spring.  We are always happy to talk fishing with you!




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